Great things are happening here for the kids in our community. By donating you are part that good work.

In 2008, an idea was conceived . . . 

It was an idea that would impact the lives of youth growing up in our communities — an idea that would provide space for them to explore new opportunities through the encouragement of young, supportive members.

This idea has been at the core of everything that we at Cape Ann Art Haven have strived to create.  This organization has come a long way and has grown very rapidly since opening its doors.  Many people have stood behind our commitment to provide services at no cost to students in need.  But all of this has been possible due to those who are most committed to making Cape Ann Art Haven a reality. Our staff and teachers often volunteer their time to make sure anyone is able to take a class regardless of whether they can pay or not.

We are asking YOU to join us in this exciting and heartfelt mission to support our youth and ensure that opportunities, resources and support are available to those who need it the most.  Please consider making a contribution to show your support for the work we are doing, and to show your commitment to making art accessible to all who walk through our doors.

With Warmest Regards,
Cape Ann Art Haven


All donations are tax deductible and we will provide you a tax ID for your records.

Annual Fundraising Campaigns

The Buoy Auction is both a community event and our largest annual fundraiser. This year's buoy auction was a great success! Over 700 young artists painted buoys, which were all displayed for family and community members at our annual event.

We are building on this success by offering expanded community arts programs and scholarships to youth in and around Cape Ann. We have always depended on generous financial support to run our programs. Your donations allow us to continue making art accessible for all local children.

Meet Our Supporters

Get involved

We would love to have you join with us! Our volunteers are part of the Art Haven family. We are always looking for help in the studio, at events and with all the great work we do.

For more information about volunteer opportunities, call 978-283-3888.

See You in the Studio!