Want to know if we're offering programing when your kids don't have school? You've come to the right place!

We offer Workshops over school vacations in addition to Classes and Open Studio in the afternoons. Check our calendar and Workshop Listings below for upcoming programs. 


Workshop Descriptions and Registration


Spring Vacation Art Classes

Join us mornings April Vacation!

5 great classes--a different theme every morning.
Classes run 9-12 p.m.
$30 per day
Sibling discounts and Scholarships available.

STAY FOR A FULL DAY!  Purchase Afternoon Arts and Crafts Sessions. See description below. 

Monday  Paper Airplanes

What makes an airplane fly? How do you fold really really precisely to make an awesome airplane that flies far? How should we test them and what do we want them to look like--maybe some sharks’s teeth on the nose or birds’ feathers on the wings?  We’ll look at the science behind what makes things fly with hands on experiments to see how air pressure works. We’ll learn stories of airplanes in history, look at all the crazy ways people painted them, learn the names of airplane parts, fold four super cool designs of own, and then earn your captain’s wings when we do our own test flights!  Kids learn science, history, design and art with this super fun activity!


Tuesday  Fairy Houses

Create magical architecture for fairies! Can you hear fairy songs in the quiet of dawn and in twinkling of stars at night? Where do they live? Who are they? What special powers do they have? Together we’ll envision a whole fairy world! The studio will be full of books about fairies, we’ll think up wonderful words to describe fairy things, name the parts of architecture that we can choose to include in our creations, and build and play with natural materials making fairy houses to bring home. Put yours in the house or garden so fairies can come live near you--enjoy the magic every day!

Art for Nature Lovers

This week we put down technology to play and invent with materials found in the woods, fields and beach. Working with these materials connects us with the beauty of the natural world, improves dexterity, makes us good observers and delights us with how much we can create from objects we find all around us! We’ll look for inspiration from the Hudson Valley painters who celebrated the majesty of the early American landscape to the eco-art of contemporary artist  Andrew Goldsworthy who challenges us to see our environment in new ways using only natural materials in his sculpture. Make modern day cave drawings, paintings with stick brushes, dreamcatchers, stone sculptures and mandalas and learn about artists and poets who were inspired by nature too!

Thursday  Simple Animation

Create your own animations in amazingly simple and creative ways without computers!  Laugh with Steamboat Willy, see how simple objects can be brought to life with claymation and be amazed  how facial expressions alone can bring characters to life in Pixar’s wonderful birds. Then, we’ll use what we’ve learned about building expectation, communicating with non-verbal expression, developing beginnings--middles-and endings, and surprising viewers with creative endings--combine it all with sound and hands-on motion, and voile! You made a fantastic animation! This art form is a super fun way to learn about stories, literature, and culture while expressing yourself and making your friends laugh! The morning ends with a special screening debut of our work!


Friday  Paint Like Georgia

This week we’ll  delight in new ways of looking at the world to see the abstract beauty in objects like flowers, think like modernist painters about color and composition and create really gorgeous images with brilliant watercolors. Our classroom will be filled with books about O’Keeffe and her beloved Southwest, real flowers, and some fantastic natural specimens for kids to hold to examine their structure and form. It’s hands-on learning! We’ll even experiment with shining light on objects things to see how it changes a form and how we can use that in our paintings. We’ll compare O’Keeffe’s work to the art world of the1920’s and be inspired by the ways this amazing artists stayed true to her own vision of painting.


Stay for a Full Day!

Afternoon Fun Arts and Crafts

Bring a packed lunch and stay for games, crafts and more.

Noon - 3:00 p.m.
Cost: $20
Sibling Discounts and Scholarship Available

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