Fun summer days being architects, fashion designers and cartoon artists—Pumpkin carving parties, the days getting shorter but staying bright in the studio—and then buoy painting, more buoy painting...and even more buoy painting! 

The Studio Gets a New Coat of Paint and More!

In 2017, The Hive and Art Haven consolidated spaces to focus resources on what counts the most: programming and equipment. All classes are now at the Main Street location.The studio was painted, a second classroom added, storage space and an updated kiln installed,  creating a more vibrant, positive and inspiring space for artists of all ages. 

Summer and School Vacation Programs

Enrollment continues to grow. Kids are here socializing, learning and being creative. 

Building Community


We are proud to contribute towards building community with events and traditions including our annual free Halloween Pumpkin Carving, winter Buoy Painting and Lobster Trap Holiday Tree -- a beloved Cape Ann Tradition! Bring the whole family, get messy, create art, laugh and make memories together!  

Partnering with Schools and Local Non-Profits

We enjoy our collaborations with schools and local non-profits. The O'Maley Academy continue their weekly classes at Art Haven. Workshops with The Cape Ann Museum have been a huge hit. We look forward to more partnerships like these in the coming year.


2018 Gallery of Student Work


Celebrating the Year with a Special Art Haven Tradition

Buoy, Buoys and More Buoys! It's our Annual Buoy Painting and Lobster Trap Tree.  Nearly 700 children came to Art Haven over the holidays to paint a buoy to hang on our beautiful Lobster Trap Tree in 2017. We look forward to seeing everyone at this year’s Auction with great eats, crafts, music and a live auction. This year, Jan and Ted Charles have generously brought together local Cape Ann artists to paint and preview their buoys at the Charles Gallery on Main Street, a testimony to the amazing talent we have here on Cape Ann. 

Looking Forward in 2019!

We are excited to launch into the next decade, building on our core strengths, and expanding where the community has indicated it needs us most — teen programming, more schedule options, more variety of classes. 

•  New partnerships with schools and local organizations in the form of collaboration
•  New programming to meet the needs of the community
•  Greater visibility and engagement on social media are all part of our 2019 plan. 

We need your help to continue to serve the community and are looking for indidivuals who share our belief that art education offer the type of enriching experience our children need to be successful adults. 

Thank you for your patronage and please, come visit us in the studio!.



We rely on the generous donations of people like you so that we can continue to provide exceptional art education and affordable classes so that everyone can participate regardless of need. Thank you for your kind donations.