When registering more than one child per class, please go through the registration process for each student separately, in order to complete necessary form for each child. Thank you! 

Art Classes for Grades 5-8

We provide a rich after school program that engages kids in creative thinking, problem solving, confidence building all while having fun making art and learning about art. Art classes are a wonderful time to experiment in an independent and unstructured way, explore the imagination, and PLAY! Your child will be learning how to problem solve and think about open ended questions while learning new skills and having some social time too!

This is an exciting time for young artists who have more understanding of subject matter and are ready to build new skills while being expressive. Children are also ready to extend their thinking about the creative process, think up multiple solutions, find creative solutions to "mistakes," create judgement-free, and talk about their creations! We will:

  • Encourage curiosity about looking at the natural world around them for inspiration
  • Illustrate poems and  stories or make a comic book
  • Make landscapes, portraits, prints, sculptures, and collages
  • Learn the elements and principles of art such as color, line, shape, texture, and space
  • Use basic shapes and measuring proportions for students who want to draw more naturalistic drawings (children naturally develop interest in switching from purely symbolic to naturalistic representation around this age)
  • Explore various art materials such as pastels, clay, papier-mâché, and watercolors.
  • Make short "animations" to tell stories as an introduction to new media and technology

Everyone loves clay! We continue with hand-building techniques including pinch pots, slabs, coils, sculpting, slipping and scoring and begin to learn the Potter's Wheel.

This class is a mix of more clay and sculptural projects. Paper fish that bend and flex, wire sculptures, hanging mobiles and found objects robots—kids strengthen their hands, practice 3d spacial reasoning, and problem solve through new construction challenges. 

Children learn to mix colors and think about color temperature, create gradients by modulating pressure and value, make landscapes and portraits, paint from imagination, and try various media such as watercolor, acrylic, printmaking and collage.

Art Haven is your space! Open Studio in an independent time to use the studio and our materials. It's a great way to spend an afternoon with friends, a grandparent or family member or caretaker. Instructors are available to help.