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Art Classes for Kids

Geared towards kids ages 5 - 12, we maintain a low student to teacher ratio in order to offer the best education possible. Projects are fun and imaginative, teaching is flexible and positive, and students learn foundational as well as more advanced art skills. 

First Artists
Younger children up to age 8 are immersed in exploratory, multi-sensory projects and learn to express themselves creatively and work independently and as a team.

Older students
Older students are ready for more challenging projects and learn basic 2D and 3D art skills in a judgement-free atmosphere. They problem solve and think about open ended questions while having fun being creative and connecting with peers.

Class Descriptions

Kids love to get their hands in the clay! As we make animals, people, picnics, houses, mugs and more we will learn all the important hand-building techniques including pinch pots, slabs, coils, sculpting, slipping and scoring.

Story telling enriches our lives and is a foundation for more advanced writing later. Flip books, Maps, Comics and more....are fun ways to share stories from beginning, to middle and end!

This class is a mix of more clay plus sculptural projects. We'll explore materials: are they rigid or flexible? Are they soft or rough? How can we turn paper into spaceships and houses by bending, folding, attaching or make spirals out of it? How can we decorate the surface? We'll turn found objects into creatures, change paper-mache balloons into faces and make wind socks that dance in the breeze!

Art Haven is your space! Open Studio in an independent time to use the studio and our materials. It's a great way to spend an afternoon with friends, a grandparent or family member or caretaker. Instructors are available to help.