Morning Classes run Monday-Friday from 9am-12pm for all ages.

Afternoon Creative Crew is our afternoon session. It runs from 12-3pm and includes time for lunch as well as games and activities so students can get up, move around and have fun. If your child would like to stay for a full day, make sure to add both the morning session of the class and Creative Crew ( listed below ) to the shopping cart. Available for Students ages 9-12.

Additional Information

• Full week registration only.
• Pre-registration only, no drop in.
• Accommodations can be made for pick up after 3pm, please inquire.
• Please pack a lunch and two snacks.

Registration Forms

Registration is done online. Choose the class(es) you wish to purchase by adding them to the cart. A form will pop up for you. Except for the student's name and a contact email, forms need only be completely filled out once per child. 


Pick-up and Drop-off

We are concerned for your child's wellbeing. At drop-off please come in to sign-in your child. If a person other than you is picking him/her up, a valid id is required.