How to Pick Up Your Buoy

Right now, all 619 buoys are in chaotic piles at Art Haven. On Friday, we will be arranging the buoys by registration number on January 24th so it is the only time we will be able to find your child's buoy. There are several ways you can pick up your buoy. 

  • You can attend the January 24th event and have your child auction the buoy live! It's heaps of fun!

  • You can buy your buoy at the event. Not every buoy is auctioned off. The auction is a family fun night with art activities, live music, open buffet and a silent auction of our amazing buoys. 

  • You can pick up and pay for your buoy that night and not attend the event. Just come to the registration table at Cruiseport between 5:00 - 7:30 pm and someone will look up your child's buoy number and go get it for you. If you

  • If you cannot come to Cruiseport that night, we can set aside your buoy for you to pick up at Art Haven between 3 - 7pm M-F by January 31st. Contact Rebecca Borden at if you'd like us to set aside your buoy(s).

If you have not contacted us or do not attend the Buoy Auction, there will be no way to find you buoy and it will be kept in storage until it is repurposed for next year's tree.

Please keep in mind that some kids painted over their buoy number. If that is the case, we may not be able to find your buoy. But if you took a picture of it, we may be able to locate it in the "lost buoy" table.